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List of gotras
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The word gotra means "lineage" in the Sanskrit language. While it is somewhat akin to a family name, the given name of a family is often different from its gotra, as given names may reflect the traditional occupation, place of residence or other important family characteristic rather than gotra.
People belonging to the same gotra also belong to the same caste in the Hindu social system. But there is a notable exception among matrilineal Tulu/Malayalee speakers where the lineages are the same across the castes.
For lists of gotras compounded by caste, refer to the following:
• Jats: refer to List of Jat clans
• Brahmins: refer to List of Brahmin gotras
• Viswabrahmins: refer to List of Viswabrahmin gotras
• Vysyas: refer to Komati (caste)
• Velamas: refer to Velama (caste)
• Dhangars: refer to List of Dhangar clans in India
• Kuruba Gowdas
• Gurjars: refer ro List of Gujjar clans
• Kammas
• Kongu Vellalar:refer to List of Kongu Vellalar Kootams
• Khatris: refer to List of Khatri last names
• Kapu/Telaga/Balija/Naidu [1]
• Nairs
• Reddys
• Rajputs: refer to Rajput clans
• Tuluva/Malayalees: refer to Tuluva Malayali lineage system
• Rohillas: refer to List of Rohilla Gotra
• Boyar caste: refer to Boyar gotras
• Mudaliars

• 1 Castes belonging to gotras[1]
• 2 Bhatias gotra
• 3 Hindu gotras
• 4 References
• 5 External links

[edit] Castes belonging to gotras[1]
1. Bhaal gotra thirty five clans,
2. Kasyap Gotra eighty-two clans,
3. Atri Gotra seventy-five clans,
4. Bharaddwaj Gotra seventy-seven clans,
5. Jamadagni Gotra seventy-five clans,
6. Basniwal Gotra thirty-one clans,
7. Vasisht Gotra eighty clans,
8. Kausik Gotra forty-seven clans,
9. Naidhruva Gotra twenty-four clans,
10. Gautam Gotra fifteen clans,
11. Gfirgya Gotra sixteen clans,
12. Mudgal Gotra eight clans,
13. Vainya Gotra six clans,
14. Sandilya Gotra six clans,
15. Kulsa Gotra three clans,
16. Vatsa Gotra two clans,
17. Bhargau Gotra two clans,
18. Parthiva Gotra two clans,
19. Viswamitra Gotra one clan (Kale),
20. Vadrayana Gotra one clau (Bharbhare).
21. Kaundinya Gotra one clan (Ringe).
22. Upmanyu Gotra one clan (Tike),
23. Angiras Gotra one clan (Dhamankar).
24. Lohitaksh Gotra one clan (Ojhe).
25. Jemuni
26 Kashap Rajput Water Carriers :
[edit] Bhatias gotra
• The following is a partial list of 7 Gotras and 84 Nukh found in the Bhatia
community of Vaishnavs/Hindus:
• 1-PARASAR: Gajaria, Panchlodia, Paleja, Gagla, Soni, Sofla, Jia, Mogia, Dhadha,
Rika, Jigna, Kodhia, Radia, Kajaria, Sijiwali, Jalala, Malan, Dhewa, Dhiren, Jaiyati, Niya, Koa.
• 2-SARANHS (SANDILIYA): Dutia,Dhutia,Purecha,Porecha, Jab, Babla, Sukhdi, Dhawan,
Vanda, Udeshi, Vadhhuch, Belai, Dhega, Kanthia.
• 3-BHARDWAJ: Haria, Padamshi, Media. Jiwa, Thula, Tambod, Lajavanta, Thakar,
Bhuderia, Mota, Unegar, Sothia, Poda, Modia, Dhadhal, Devchandra, Asher.
• 4-SUDRVANSH: Sapat, Chachia, Nagra, Babla, Pramla. Potha, Poddhaga. Mathura
• 5-MADHAVADYSAVAS: Ved, Suraiya, Gokulgandhi, Nayagandhi, Panchal, Farasgandhi,
Paregandhi, Jujargandhi, Prema, Bibal, Powar.
• 6-DEVDAS: Ramaiya, Pawar, raja, Parajia, Gurugulab, Karatari, Dhadher, Kukad.
• 7-RUSHIVANSH: Multani, Chamuja, Daiya, Karangota, Kajia.
[edit] Hindu gotras
• Sawarna
• Marichi
• Manikya - Kuruba Gowdas
• Bhardwaj
• Agastya
• Angirasa
• Atri
• Bhrigu
• Kashyapa
• Koundinya
• Vasistha
• Harinama
• Vishvamitra
• Pamidikula
• Grandhisila
• Dosodia
• Siwal
• Serawat
• Haritasa హరితస
• Hansaj
• Gowans Gotra (Mundhra community)
[edit] References
1. ^ Sherring, Matthew Atmore (1872). Hindu tribes and castes, Volume 1. Pp. 82
[edit] External links
• Oswal Vansh and its gotras
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    DIETY: Lakshmi Narasimha Swam